What is Blue Otter?

BlueOtter from SIA is a software platform that provides a proactive preventative maintenance solution to the management of a building's Fire and Life Safety Assets.

By maintaining a shareable, easily accessed, easily updated database of safety components, BlueOtter creates a safer environment for employees and visitors. Inspections and corrective actions become analyzable data. Deficiencies are quickly identified. Corrective actions are assigned and tracked to completion.

Your building becomes transparent.

Easily Scan and Identify Individual Assets
Takes advantage of the newest Smart Phone technologies eliminating the need for application-specific devices.

View Assets on Building Blueprints or as Listings
View and sort assets in an interactive building map.

Track the Status of Assets in a Sharable Database
Gather and sort all critical asset information in one application.

Create Inspection and Maintenance Schedules
Schedule, track and conduct inspections from open to close with built in accountability features.

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Learn how BlueOtter from SIA helps make facilities more accountable and efficient from a business perspective while keeping the occupants safer when working and visiting within the building.